Sarracenia Documentation

Documentation comes in two varieties: Guides and Manual Pages.

To learn the application, it is best to start with Guides. The Guides are also best read in order, as knowledge of each guide assumes one is familiar with the previous ones.

Once an initial configuration is established and the overall picture is understood, then the reference materials provides quick answers to specific questions.



The guides provide the overall idea of how to use the tools, with description of several components, use cases, and some sample configurations and runs. The guides provide "Getting started" type information, describing the purpose, in general, of the various components needed for various jobs.

User-Facing Components

The Manual Pages, on the other hand, are reference material. For each component or format, the manual page provides a complete reference that shows all the options that exist for that component, and also provides examples of usage.

Administrative Components


  • sr_post(7) - the format of postings. Posted by watch and post, consumed by subscribe.
  • sr_report(7) - the format of report messages. Sent by consumers, for sources to measure reach.
  • sr_pulse(7) - the format of postings. posted by pumps to maintain subscriber connections.