MetPX-Sarracenia Installation

Revision Record

version: 2.17.03a2
date:March 2017

Client Installation

The package is built for python version 3.4 or higher. On systems where they are available, debian packages are recommended. These can be obtained from the launchpad repository, or using pip (and PyPI.) In both cases, the other python packages (or dependencies) needed will be installed by the package manager automatically.

Ubuntu/Debian (apt/dpkg)

On Ubuntu 12.04:

apt-get install python3-dev
apt-get install python3-setuptools
easy_install3 pip==1.5.6
pip3 install paramiko==1.16.0
pip3 install metpx_sarracenia==<latest version>

On Ubuntu 14.04/16.04:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:ssc-hpc-chp-spc/metpx
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install python3-metpx-sarracenia  # only supports HTTP/HTTPS
sudo apt-get install python3-paramiko   # adds SFTP support.


On windows, or other linux distributions where system packages are not available, the above procedures are not applicable. There are also special cases, such as if using python in virtual env, where it is more practical to install the package using pip (python install package) from It is straightforward to do that:

sudo pip install metpx-sarracenia

and to upgrade after the initial installation:

sudo pip install --upgrade metpx-sarracenia

On many systems where both pythons 2 and 3 are installed, you may need to specify pip3 rather than pip.


Any native python installation will do, but the dependencies in the standard installation require the installation of a C-Compiler as well, so it gets a bit complicated. If you have an existing python installation that works with c-modules within it, then the complete package should install with all features.

If you do not have a python environment handy, then the easiest one to get going with is winpython, which includes many scientifically relevant modules, and will easily install all dependencies for Sarracenia. You can obtain winpython from (note: select python version >3 ) Then one can install with pip (as above.)