Subscribe, Acquire and Recursively Re-announce Ad nauseam

Manual section:8
Date: April 2018
Version: 2.18.04b3
Manual group:MetPx Sarracenia Suite

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Subscribe, Acquire and Recursively Re-announce Ad nauseam


sr_sarra foreground|start|stop|restart|reload|status configfile

sr_sarra cleanup|declare|setup configfile


sr_sarra is a program that Subscribes to file notifications, Acquires the files and ReAnnounces them at their new locations. The notification protocol is defined here sr_post(7)

sr_sarra connects to a broker (often the same as the remote file server itself) and subscribes to the notifications of interest. It uses the notification information to download the file on the local server its running on. It then posts a notification for the downloaded files on a broker (usually on the local server).

sr_sarra can be used to acquire files from sr_post(1) or sr_watch(1) or to reproduce a web-accessible folders (WAF), that announce its' products.

The sr_sarra is an sr_subscribe(1) with the following presets:

mirror True

Specific consuming requirements

If the messages are posted directly from a source, the exchange used is 'xs_<brokerSourceUsername>'. Such message may not contain a source nor an origin cluster, or a malicious user may set the values incorrectly. To protect against malicious settings, administrators should set source_from_exchange to True.

  • source_from_exchange <boolean> (default: False)

Upon reception, the program will set these values in the parent class (here cluster is the value of option cluster taken from default.conf):

self.msg.headers['source'] = <brokerUser> self.msg.headers['from_cluster'] = cluster

overriding any values present in the message. This setting should always be used when ingesting data from a user exchange.


sr_subscribe(1) - the format of configurations for MetPX-Sarracenia.

sr_report(7) - the format of report messages.

sr_report(1) - process report messages.

sr_post(1) - post announcemensts of specific files.

sr_post(7) - The format of announcements.

sr_subscribe(1) - the download client.

sr_watch(1) - the directory watching daemon.

dd_subscribe(1) - the http-only download client.