Downloading MetPX

Getting The Source Code

Development is done on the master branch, and releases are done on a frequent basis. The source code contains both sundew and sarracenia components, although currently only sarracenia is under active development.

With those explanations, feel free to grab a snapshot can be obtained using subversion via:

git clone sarracenia

Available for anonymous read-only access. One can also obtain a stable release by checking out a release branch.

Building From Source


Please refer to Sundew developer guide for instructions on how to build Metpx-Sundew. Currently internal installations are done, one at a time, from source. Development is done on the trunk release. When we install operationally, the process consists of creating a branch, and running the branch on a staging system, and then implementing on operational systems. There are README and INSTALL files that can be used for installation of sundew. One can follow those instructions to get an initial installed system.

To run sundew, it is critical to install the cron cleanup jobs (mr-clean) since otherwise the server will slow down continuously over time until it slows to a crawl. It is recommended to subscribe to the mailing list and let us know what is stopping you from trying it out, it could inspire us to work on that bit faster to get some collaboration going.


Please refer to Sarracenia developer guide for instructions on building Metpx-Sarracenia from source.

Sundew Binaries

MetPx-Sundew is only available for download from the sundew section of the project's SourceForge file storage, .

Sarracenia Binaries

Please refer to Sarracenia Installation Guide for instructions on how to download and install Metpx-Sarracenia binaries.